Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hello by Hard Girls (2009)

Kind of Like: Thousandaires, Spraynard, Get Bent, For Serious This Time, Shinobu
Genres: Punk, Indie
Preview: Myspace

"Hard Girls have a lot to live up to. The three members represent most of San Jose's unsung punk rock heroes Shinobu and Pteradon who have continued to live in the town. They also represent 3/4 of Jesse Michaels' new band, Classics of Love. Not surprisingly, their first EP is totally awesome and lives up to the precedent that has been set forth, mixing minimal sunny indie rock with furious spastic punk rock and everything between. Very fucking awesome!"
-Quote Unquote Records

I'm trying to figure out how this album slipped through the cracks.  I also am trying to figure out why I can't sleep right now.

Listen Here

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