Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tubelord - Our First American Friends [2009]

For Fans Of: The Cast of Cheers, At the Drive-In, The Appleseed Cast
Genres: Indie, Math Rock, Emo
Websites: Facebook, Bandcamp, Lastfm 

Just found these guys on Last.fm, and was blown away instantly. Tubelord are four guys from Kingston upon Thames, England who got together back in 2006. Three years later, their debut album Our First American Friends was released. I haven't listened to the follow-up, Romance, which came out in 2011 quite yet; I'm focusing on American Friends for now. But once I do, if it's even half as good as this, you can bet on it making its way to our site!


  1. ...it's not as good. Perhaps try a band called 'Blakfish' if you haven't come across their stuff either. Bit more chaos a la BATS.

  2. Will do! Thanks for the recommendation