Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Self-Titled EP by Revengineers (2012)

Kind of Like: Fang Island, Noisewaves, Robot Science
Genres: Indie, Electronica, Chip, Emo
Buy: Bandcamp

I was going to wait until after work tonight to throw this up.  However, I just listened to this in the shower for a total of like three or four full play-throughs and I want to put it up now.  I already know that Hop Along, Joywave, Living Room, and these guys are going to make up the majority of what I listen to while I am on the road for the two weeks with Peace Be Still in a week or so.

I like "chip" music (music that uses nintendo sound effects), but it wasn't something I could listen to for long periods of time because it just sounded to synthetic being completely composed of video game sound effects.  This band from Rochester, NY takes music like Fang Island along with some mathy noodles and adds in the chip effects with modified nintendo gear to make something that is really great.  I need to leave for work and get started on another listen of this.

Listen Here:

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