Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pouzza Countdown!

Pouzza is beginning in less than 24 hours and we have some information on where you can find SIGD stuff.

1) Peace Be Still is playing at 7:05 pm at Theatre Ste-Catherine.  Go see them, but get there early to see Reservoir beforehand.  It turns out PBS will be having three or four shows with them after Pouzza on the east coast.  Anyways, we will have PBS/SIGD stuff for sale there for a bit.

2) The Merch Mall is on Sunday at 11 AM, it's free to the public and at 11:30 there is a free tofu BBQ or something crazy.  But at the Merch Mall, we will also be selling SIGD related stuff and a slew of records for sale.

I am mentioning because there is one item in particular that will be have a very limited release for Pouzza:

Other then that, we will be cruising around checking out bands we dig.  If you see us, come say "hi!"


  1. As someone who frequents your blog and your now label I felt I needed to spread the your label and what you do around a little bit. Keep doing what your doing. Your awesome.

  2. Mere months ago, I would have never guessed that at this present moment I would be in Ajax, Canada preparing to leave for Montreal in the morning to kickstart a tour with a band I had wanted to succeed. There have been times, as recent as the drive here, that I had doubts about the time and money I have invested into this venture. I decided it was time to swing for the fences.

    There are many times when I am discouraged for a variety of reasons. It's comments like this that really reaffirm what I am doing. I am glad you enjoy this and I really appreciate the help. It is very hard and expensive to start throwing money into record projects, and I will always be grateful for people like you.

    As much as I appreciate it, most of the credit goes to the bands. Not just the ones whose music I want to spread around, but the ones like Peace Be Still that were up and comers like myself. And bands like William Bonney that already had great recognition, but liked my vision for the "Good Vibes" record. Instead of feeling too good/cool to be associated with me, they decided they wanted to work with me and trust me with putting their records out.

    This really meant a lot to me, thank you very much.