Monday, May 21, 2012

Peace Be Still East Coast Tour

Pick your poison, three spontaneous tour names

We recently pulled off everything relating to the east coast tour because we were about to cross the border and didn't want them to find anything on a google search.  We got over without any problems.  Brooklyn show was cancelled, we may possibly have a last minute show in Albany in the works for that day.  But if anybody wants to help out in that general area with a last minute show, the band and myself would be down.  We also solidified the 26th show.  Vermont is tonight, Burlington is a great city.  Pouzza was great as well, especially the rioting going on at night.  See you around?

other links:
5/22: Amherst: Facebook
5/25: Bethlehem: Facebook
5/25 Philly: Facebook
5/26 Wantage: Facebook

email if you wanna help with the 24th:

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