Monday, February 14, 2011

Life of Leisure EP by Washed Out (2009)

Kind of Like: Baths, Neon Indian, Cut Copy
Genres: Electronica, Chillwave

Happy Valentine's Day!  In case you haven't seen the new show on IFC called Portlandia, you are really missing out.  It's a show that basically pokes fun of hipsters that live in Portland, or hipsters in general for that matter.  It makes fun of people I know and even myself at times.  Anyways, the song "Feel It All Around" from this album is the the song featured in the opening sequence.  Also, Washed Out is going to be part of the Sasquatch festival in Oregon that looks to be only surpassed by Bonaroo (and The Fest) for the most bands I want to see in one place.  Here is a couple samples of the show:

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