Friday, February 11, 2011


Kind of Like: Kanye West, Panacea, A Tribe Called Quest
Genres: Hip-hop

First hip-hop album put on here.  I have a soft spot for hip-hop, but I have been focusing on other things lately, and really haven't come across anything new worth putting up here.  I also think I didn't feel like adding another genre onto here.  I think this is worth it.  IMAKEMADBEATS (or NeMo) is a producer based in New York but came from Memphis and Orlando.  A couple lines from J Freedome in a freestyle on this album "IMAKEMADBEATS is a faggot/Lonely dude who grabs rap sheets but can’t speak/What, Transylvania, is that where you from?/Why you ain’t say nothing man, cat got your tongue?"  I like a good producer that understands he shouldn't start rapping.  Immagon' finish now.

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