Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Cosmic Birth & Journey of Shinju TNT by Akron/Family (2011)

Kind of Like: The Black Keys, Animal Collective
Genres: Experimental, Folk, Indie

It's hard picking bands that sound like this band; at times they have a bluesy Black Keys feel, and other times they are creating dense, electro-pop/folk/rock atmosphere kind of like Animal Collective.  Other times they sound like something else.  When I first heard of this band and knew they were coming out with an album, I found it on mediafire and I was like, why?  I later found out that they had leaked a couple fake albums that were basically electronica/noise garbage.  I finally got my hands on the actual release.  Here is the press release:

"After a slew of ignored deadlines, a cardboard box containing "four blown out song fragments on a TDK CDR in a ziplock bag, three pictures, and a typewritten note" landed on Dead Oceans' doorstep along with a "sincere but poorly made diorama." (The note contained helpful phrases such as "Do Not Erase / I Was Ak / Flourish.Flourish.Flourish./ Fuck Shit Up."). Somehow, that crate of detritus ultimately coalesced into Akron/Family II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT, a record purportedly written in a cabin built into the side of an active volcano in Akan National Park in Hokkaido, Japan and recorded in an abandoned train station in Detroit."

I assume they are referring to the Michigan Central Station in Detroit.  I also assume most of that excerpt is completely made up.  They're playing at PJ's Lagerhouse in Detroit on Tuesday, and I think that will make fore a good celebration of surviving midterms.

Download Here


  1. Link is down, could you please fix it ? Can't find the official mix :(