Friday, November 2, 2012

I Would But I'm Baroque by SRVVLST (2012)

Kind of Like: Native, CSTVT, Duck. Little Brother, Duck!
Genres: Post-hardcore, Math Rock, Screamo, Punk
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I am excited about this album for a couple of reasons.  One of which is that it is fresh and really good.  The other is that I am currently in talks with the band about putting out a seven inch with them next year of new material.  After doing a few releases with solidified bands, I am excited about helping new, fairly unheard band.  It's really hard finding bands like this before they are inevitably scooped up by a more....professional(?) label.  I also like bands that have a good sense of design, and I really like that each track has its own little picture with each track.  The only issue is that they are from Columbus, but I guess I may be able to forgive them. Hint, I live in Ann Arbor. Double hint, the breakdown in "Work Friends" is an immediate highlight for me.  Shit happens, and sometimes things don't end up panning out, but I have a feeling we will have more news about these guys soon.

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