Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An Obscure Moon Lighting an Obscure World by Glocca Morra (2012)

Kind of Like: The Greek Favourites, Stable Boys, 
Genres: Punk, Emo, Post-hardcore
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So, Ghoul Intentions came out last year and then Just Married this year.  It strange because Ghoul Intentions was pretty raw and rough around the edges, but not in a bad way necessarily.  Then Just Married comes out and it is almost like culmination of all the work before Ghoul Intentions came out.  It was more melodic like their older stuff, and more, for lack of a better term, twinkly.  It seemed like a odd regression back to their older sound, but it turns out Just Married was written before Ghoul Intentions and just had taken so long to get all the production stuff done that it was released after.  Honestly, I love Just Married, much more than I liked Ghoul Intentions, so I was a little worried about material coming up next.  Well here we are, as far as I know this is their newest/last recorded stuff, and I think I was worrying for nothing. The feel of this album seems to fall right in between the sound of Just Married and Ghoul Intentions; it has a cleaner more melodic feel, but there is a dissonance about it that still sounds a lot different from Just Married.  The vocals are even different, and I actually really like them the way they are now.

These guys have been known for not taking themselves seriously, and this EP has carefree all over it.  The twinkle genre is getting older/less original by the minute, and good for them for wanting to get away from that niche.  This is a nice balance between the raw/dissonant feel of their last EP and the catchyness/great transitions and riffs of Just Married.  There are some parts on here that I think is some of the best stuff they have done to date.  But which do I like better overall?  I think I will sort that out with the end of the year lists.

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