Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon by Murder by Death (2012)

Kind of Like: Fleet Foxes, Johnny Cash
Genres: Indie, Folk
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It's funny that I would rediscover my love for In Bocca Al Lupo, and then days later find out Murder by Death had just released a new album literally...today!  I already know I like this album, but I am not really sure how much.  While Bocca had a old western feel with tales of sin and punishment, this album seems more modern.  There is still the low Johnny Cash-esque voice, but the music is less folky and more indie rock than Bocca.  I can already tell that these songs are just as sing alongable as ever.  I would like to marinate with this album some more, but due to time constraints, I am forcing you to take this journey with me.

ALSO, it seems they did a kickstarter to do a special vinyl release.  I was wondering why a band that already seems so well-established would need donations for a vinyl release, but after seeing the scope and effort put into the release, I am just in awe.  As someone who is striving to tap into the potential of physical releases besides a jacket and a colored record, the concept and extras included in this are inspiring.  They ended up getting nearly $200,000 dollars from Kickstarter donations.  Insane.  These guys went all out with this record, the music sounds great, the physical release is unprecedented, and the prizes for pledging donations are unique (Go on a Bourbon Whiskey Tour with the band, plane ticket to Cedar Point to ride rollercoasters all day with the band, choosing a tattoo design for members of the band etc etc).  The special edition vinyl includes: 180 gram moon colored vinyl in a die cut jacket with vellum interior sleeves. You can shine a light through it and it looks all pretty! Comes with a reversible zoetrope (which is an old fashioned animation you can set up on your record player) and an MBD Japanese-style globe light.  The zoetrope idea that you put on your record player is something that I wish I had thought of.  UGH.

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  1. maybe i just assumed i didn't like the last one but this newest one is really fucking good. still not sure they can ever top who will survive...