Friday, August 24, 2012

Old Songs EP by Foxing (2012)

Kind of Like: American Football, Prawn, Hunter Gatherer
Genres: Emo, Indie, Post-rock

Holy shit, it's been too long guys.  Things have been busy.  I'm gearing up to get the You'll Live record out, and also gearing up for my last year of schooling.  And also we just moved.  And I'm working a bunch to afford moving.

This was brought to my attention by Josh Coll, who is a member of the band.  He sent me material before by one of his old bands called Hunter Gatherer.  I really liked the three songs and ended up featuring them awhile ago.  Those handful of songs were a mainstay in long nights of studying.

This band features not only members of Hunter Gatherer, but also Family Might and Badgerhunt.  So, I think that would be enough to get your guys' attention.  But in case it isn't, these songs have some really cool parts in it.  One of the things I liked about both Hunter Gatherer and Family Might was that they had a really great sense of developing themes and jamming things out.  You guys will really enjoy this, and they apparently are working on a split to be released on Carucage Records AND a full length.  Woo boy!

Listen Here:

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