Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Reservoir and Bicycle Ride split (2012)

Kind of Like: Rival Schools, Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike | Owen, Cloudkicker
Genres: Emo, Post-hardcore
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I got to see a lot of Reservoir back in May when Peace Be Still played a couple shows with them on tour.  As a result, I got to know these guys and listen to their music a bit.  They were really nice guys, and they always put on really energetic and tight sets.  This split features two songs from them that flow together, and one from Bicycle Ride.  I like the guitar work/tone on Bicycle Ride's song a lot that reminds me of Owen and Cloudkicker.  The only aspect of the Bicycle Ride song I have little problem with is how the vocals are mixed, the dual vocal tracks just rub against each other the wrong way for me.  Other then that, like I said, the guitar tone and layering is spot on, and is enough to get me into it.  This is out on cassette and the guys are currently trying to get an independent label to put this out on a 7 inch.  I was going to but I have enough on my plate at the moment.

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