Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2012 International Sampler

In a couple weeks, I will be putting out this compilation of different bands from around the world.  I am still waiting for a couple bands to send their high quality songs in, but I also am still taking submissions for this.  The countries that I don't need more bands from are: U.S., Germany, Australia, France, Canada, and Sweden.  I have one spot for Italy and one or possibly two from the UK that I would like to fill in.  If you are from one of those countries and would like to be on this, send an e-mail to: info@sigdrecords.com.  I am open to other countries as well, like Japan and Russia and stuff.  I am just having a hard time contacting people in certain areas, I feel I may be getting lost in translation.

This compilation will be distributed free with all orders from SIGD Records from now on.  We have 100+ William Bonney records that will be mailed out in the coming week or two, and I am aiming to have this ready to go with those orders.  The artwork right now is tentative.  But hey, it should be great promotion.

I decided to do this because I wanted a sampler to be able to give out with orders.  However, with only 4 releases and 5 bands under my belt, it would be a really short sampler if it was exclusively bands associated with SIGD Records.  Plus, there are plenty of compilations that feature mainly american acts and cover that area very adequately.  So, I decided on an international one to expand the bands and sounds involved.  Several tracks are unreleased material, and the names I have so far I am really excited about.

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