Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Updated submission e-mail

Hey bands/people,

I have changed the submission e-mail to: sometimesigetdrunk@gmail.  It used to be a hotmail account, but I have been using gmail for awhile and I like it better than outlook, plus I can link all my gmail accounts together and view them all at once easily.  I just spent the better half of this morning sifting through hundreds of submissions dating back to last year on the old e-mail, and I plan on putting the better submissions up throughout this week.  If you have submitted in the past and don't find yours up here in the coming days, don't be discouraged.  Just be tenacious and don't give up, sometimes it is just pure luck I happen to get to them (try the chatbox as well).  A little tip though, I like personable e-mails; if you send something that looks like a press kit with tons of pictures and lots of links/paragraphs, I probably will not give it a second look.  I tend to look at the e-mails that are short and sweet and has an easy bandcamp link to listen to the music too.  Full album links, not just singles and what have you.

Thanks for everything,

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