Saturday, February 9, 2013

Regenerative Landscape by the Cabs (2013)

Kind of Like: Climb the Mind, This Town Needs Guns
Genres: Emo, Screamo, Math Rock, Post-hardcore

I know a couple people besides myself that are going to be absolutely stoked about this album.  I had no idea this band was still up to stuff, but I fell hard for their last little EP, Recur Breath (or whatever the proper translation is).  This is their debut LP, so after that little cock tease of an album last year, you are getting your brains fucked out by this one. I know a few people have been requesting a new link for Climb the Mind but I had a really hard time finding all of that so I am not sure when I will get around do that, so for now I think this will tie you over.  I just wish they sang in english, then it would be perfect because I could sing along along...

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  1. This is weird but the pass is:


  2. Bought this the day it went up on bandcamp. While it hasn't floored me like Recur Breath did, I still love it. I really wish their 3 releases would see the vinyl treatment. Oh, and the lack of English doesn't bother me. Japanese translates notoriously poorly to English, plus most foreign bands who sing in English as an adopted language tend to suffer from overly simple & cliche lyrics. I'm fully content to sing along in parts regardless. My wife gets a kick out of me trying when we're in the car. Again, thanks for posting their music in the first place. Their drummer might be my favorite ever. Have you ever seen a love video? "The cabs" isn't a particularly useful search term on youtube. I have seen the 2 music videos.

  3. Well there are international bands like 9 days wonder that sing in english that I really like. It's unfortunate that they share their name with a fairly popular indie band so it makes it even harder to dig through the internet to find stuff by them. I honestly haven't really tried hard to find videos by them but I have seen a couple while looking for information about them in general.

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