Wednesday, December 19, 2012

NOPE by Coping (2012)

Kind of Like: Snowing, Dowsing, Wavelets, Nai Harvest
Genres: Emo, Punk

These guys broke up this past summer after this came out.  It's a shame because this album fuckin' rules.  This has been posted in other places, but I really wanted to include it in the best of the year list so I thought I would make a quick feature of it.  Another band lost to fatherhood (Algernon), but hey, we all gotta grow up sometime right?

I am really excited to be going to their last show in Chicago on Saturday.  As soon as I saw the event, we decided to make this our trip for surviving the past semester.  Not only are these guys playing their last show, but they will be supported by Dowsing, CSTVT, and Noumenon.  What a great lineup, I'm going to get pretty sloppy.

Listen Here:

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