Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A/B by Restorations (2012)

Kind of Like: Kite Party, Deer Leap, Crash of Rhinos, Appleseed Cast
Genres: Post-rock, Punk, Folk, Emo

"On A/B, a two-song seven-inch released by Tiny Engines in the summer of 2012, Restorations refines this sound further, but, to the dismay of rock critics around the world, they steer no closer to easy categorization. Recorded by Jon Low at Miner Street Studios, the single exhibits the band at their most massive, but also their most dynamic. The guitars glimmer and glint off of drummer Carlin Brown's stuttering cadence during the verses and choruses of “A”, over which Loudon's husky cries seem to climb and cascade. “Hey kid, in time they'll forgive you,” he sings, “Just do what you gotta do.” Just then, the song comes to a sudden halt, and a guitar flickers softly, like a lit wick, before exploding into a forceful cloud of chords, scalding cymbals, and staggering rhythm."
-Tiny Engines

Been awhile since I posted here.  I would be more worried if I posted excessively though because that would indicate I am not working on the William Bonney vinyl.  One of the many reasons this thing hasn't been updated as much.  I have gotten lots of e-mails for requests, which I will probably pass on to Lori this week.

These guys are cool as hell.  Which is not cool at all.  So, that doesn't make sense.  They let me sip on their Canadian Club at a show in Philly.  That sounds really suggestive, but it is meant to be taken literally.  Canadian Club on the rocks and then blowjobs after.  There is nothing homosexual about that.  I am totally gay for these two new songs though.  The ending of "B" is absolutely blistering; I am so goddamn chafed now.

Listen Here:

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