Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Disco

Kind of like: Nobody
Genres: Minimalism, Australian

Been lacking on posts like always. Saw these guys back in March with Young Widows for their "In an out of youth and lightness" tour. At first it might have been because Drew and I had been there forever and were anxious to see Young Widows that I didn't care much for their set. It might have been their extremely long and repetitive songs. But I left feeling like I should like this band a lot. And after a good summer's listen to their discography, I felt now was an appropriate time to post these guys. All the way from Australia, My Disco creates very simple, drone-like, repetitive takes on rock music with little spoken vocals. I feel like listening to these guys is as if you were counting to one million - after a while you get lost in the process and listening/thinking becomes almost mechanical and thoughtless. The noisy guitar-work over the cyclical bass and drum patterns becomes eerily atmospheric and abyssal. It may take a few listens while studying and a bit of patience, but soon you can definitely appreciate the subtleties plastered all over these tracks.

ALSO - If you haven't starting using SPOTIFY yet, you're falling behind. Probably the best thing to happen to online music since Napster's inception.

My Disco "Cancer" (2006)
My Disco "Paradise" (2008)
My Disco "Little Joy" (2010)

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