Monday, August 22, 2011

(Classic) Blue Meanies "A Sonic Documentation of Exhibition and Banter" (1999)

Kind of Like: Zappa, Unsane
Genres: Noise, Punk, Ska
Preview: Preview (not the version from this album, but the studio)

My first contribution to the classics. This album kicks ass. It's wrong to call it "ska," but the genre can't help but be mentioned. These guys make ska sound aggressive, angry, and noisy without ever becoming campy. Given the musicianship and absurdity of their music, little can be found about their existence unfortunately. But, they had it right when they coined their sound as "crazy carnival music." It's like an extension of Frank Zappa's contorted approach to melody meets the abrasiveness of Unsane. This live album stands out as the best representation of their music - raw energy & inertia.  I'm serious, give this a listen.

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