Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lightning Bolt "Earthly Delights" 2009

For fans of: Ruins, Boredoms, Hella

Inspired not only by the fact that I'm actually seeing these guys tonight, but Lightning Bolt is fucking awesome. Their latest LP "Earthly Delights" is a bone-crushing/psychedelic/noisy trip waiting to crash like the two towers. The low-end on this album particularly comes to front, since Brian Gibson has been beep-boppin' that high banjo string for many years. Now we get some real guttural if even doom-esque bass drives. Drumming left up to Brian Chippendale is classic as always. From straight-forward to tribal rhythms on tracks like "The Sublime Freak," babbling vocals in unison with the melody bring a new aesthetic to punk. Or "noise-rock" if you will. Song structures are more conventional, but that is GREAT. Gives us tracks to jump to, right? Anyway, check it out, and then check out the rest of Lightning Bolt's discography. It's a goddamn mess.

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